Techno Weld Product


Welding Cable Structure

Generally conforms to, Based on CENELEC HD 22-6 31, VDE 0282, IEC 245-6, BS 6899, IS 6830/84


High conductivity, bare annealed copper flexible conductor, EC copper class 5 and class 6 generally conforms to IEC 60228, DIN VDE 0281


Double Insulated flexible Nitrile rubber (NBR) insulated

Colour code:

Orange & Black Jacket.
*Any other Color on specific request can also be supplied

Welding Cable Technical Data

Fixed installation : -30c to max. + 90C
Nominal voltage : 600 V
Test voltage : 2500 V
Mechnical properties : Tensile strength = 10 N/mm2 Min. Elongation = 300 Min.
Min. bending radius : 6 x cable diameter
Flame propagation : Flame retardant test as per IEC 60332-1

Welding Cable features

  • Ultra high performance flexible welding lead, double insulated.
  • Better flame retardant properties
  • Excellent flexibility to last longer in flex applicationsBased on CENELEC HD 22-6 31, VDE 0282, IEC 245-6, IS 473, BS 638-4
  • Outstanding toughness & durability
  • High resistance to cuts, tears & abrasion
  • Resistance to oil, solvents and chemicals
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistant

Welding Cable Application


Designed for the secondary (high current) connection to automatic or hand-held metal arc welding electrodes. It is suitable for flexible use under rugged conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systerns, in machine tool and automatically operated line and spot welding machines.

Standard length cable packing:

Coils 100, 200, 300 and 500 m, in wooden reels.

Technical Data Table

Current Rating:

The maximum current ratings of flexible welding cables fordifferent duly cycles are based on an ambient air temperature of 25c and a maximum conductor temperature of 90 c. The percentage duly cycles for various processes and applications are as follows:

  • Automobile Welding: up to 100%
  • Semi- automatic Welding: 30% to 86%
  • Manual Welding: 0% to 60%
  • Very intermittent or Occasional Welding: up to 20%

Voltage Drop:

When total cable lengths in excess of 15 mtrs, are involved, it may be necessary to use cables of larger cross section to ensure that the voltage drop is not excessive and welding currents are maintained at adequate levels.

Technical Information

  • The number of wires is approximate and wire diameter is nominal; they shall be such as to satisfy the requirement of conductor resistance of IEC 60226/DIN VDE 0295/IS 8130/BS 6360
  • In view of continuous improvements our design and pracass, sprili ons gear hac mare subject change will

>   All are flexible conductor   >   Insulation material is NBR   >   Sheath material is NBR

Rating factors for variation in ambient temprature

Ambient Temperature C 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65
Rating Factor 1.04 1.00 0.96 0.91 0.87 0.82 0.76 0.69 0.69 0.64 0.57